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Who is dayanara torres dating 2016

Former Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres says she is open to doing a movie with former boyfriend Aga Muhlach.

It’s cute to see.” She’s also glad to see her life fall back into place.

Set to start filming the boxing drama this month, she’s finally comfortable in her own skin, with or without Mr. “I’m happy, and I don’t put my happiness in anybody else,” says Torres, who’s been “taking a break” from her former boyfriend, star Amaury Nolasco, since March.

Torres added that she haven't seen Muhlach in a long time, as "our paths moved in different ways," but she's open to doing a movie with the actor.

MISS Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres admitted she was "hurt" when she broke up with Filipino actor Aga Muhlach almost 20 years ago.

Dayanara starred with Aga in the movie Dayanara, who was in the country to judge the Miss Universe last Monday, said: "We haven't seen each other or talked for a long time.

And our paths moved in diferent ways, but we'll always have great, great memories." (LOOK: Dayanara Torres is back in the Philippines) Asked if her breakup with Aga back then was a bad one, Dayanara, also known as Yari, said "It wasn't a terrible breakup, but I do remember you know, being hurt and wanting to go, wanting to pack my stuff. It's been 12 years since we've been divorced and yeah, absolutely, for the kids," she said.

“He’s not someone we need to hide—he’ll always be their father.