Start Updating olap cubes sql server

Updating olap cubes sql server

4) The project collaboration site is essentially a plain old team site with the Project Server feature activated.

Those entities may be edited, but do so with caution.

Project Server expects to see specific fields attached to each item within those lists and libraries.

That being said, patching Project Server is a bit more sensitive as you should generally try to ensure that all client installations of Microsoft Project Professional are patched at the same time as Project Server.

8) More importantly perhaps, users need a CAL to access Project Server data.

The corollary to that rule that I learned recently is that for the most part, if you need to ask whether or not you need a CAL for a specific scenario…need a CAL. Architecting a Project Server deployment is a discussion that needs to happen early on in the process.

Consider whether the benefits of making Project Server available to the sites on your intranet outweigh the benefits of deploying Project Server to its own isolated farm.

SAP Mobile Infrastructure also supports single sign-on.

The following cases can occur during authentication and user management on the mobile device: The user management of the SAP MI Client Component manages user IDs and local logon passwords.

Those fields may be hidden, but not deleted – and additional fields may be added as needed.

The Project Server feature also provisions a number of Web Parts to surface Project Server data.

There should always be a top level site collection within the Web App, even if it’s a simple team site with security blocking anyone from accessing it.