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Updating multiple values

@jefferai To be fair I haven't read the code, but in reading and extrapolating from the documentation when it states I can pass in separate json files for the various keys I am storing under a path, it doesn't scream "this is getting crammed into a single blob", it really makes it seem like you could do individual bits.

then we document the current limitations to the command given the current architecture (i.e. vault is general has a general problem with a pretty horrible user interface, and the common response has been relative indifference to these class of issues.

when i use a single UPDATE-SET command(using commas/AND etc etc.... only the first field gets updated, the other 2 remaining as they are.

I tries using 3 diff commands, and this , somehow, causes col 1 and 3 to update, leaving col 2 unchanged. it shows:- update client set dod='10', mod='4',yod='2008' where id='120'.... I think the update commands with three column update should work fine.

If you update values in multiple columns, you use a comma (,) to separate each pair of column and value.

The columns that are not on the list retain their original values.

for the record here is how we are working around the issue: Hey guys We just wrote a small tool to help work around this issue until this is resolved Obviously, the issue of race conditions mentioned above still apply, but should still be useful for most people who don't have secrets changing all the time.

Thanks This is definitely annoying, luckily I was adding an application secret that didn't yet get accessed by anything when I clobbered the existing properties by doing a write to the same overall path with a unique property name.

if the query runs take it and use variables to provide the values. Also, print these query and execute in the backend database I think the update commands with three column update should work fine.