Start Updating cell phones dial

Updating cell phones dial

And they have a much higher propensity to complain if they do receive a call.

This is done by dialing *67 before you dial a number when making a call.

Note: You will need to dial *67 before each call you want to block.

If you're unsure of the local cell phone law, pull off the road before dialing 511.

Even though some states may not have statewide bans, many municipalities have laws against their use while behind the wheel.

Are the critical records available in the timeframe and format required?

Your defense is only as good as how accurate and up to date your records of these procedures are.

If you have any roaming-charge concerns, check your phone service provider's coverage map before using the 511 traffic system on your cell phone.

Or, play it safe and access your respective 511's website.

For more information, call my direct line at 561-317-3001.

Some systems may charge for tourist information (attractions, parking...), and depending on your phone service provider, you may incur roaming fees.

Most companies have had a long time to prepare for the restrictions against calling cell phone numbers without written permission.