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We stayed at the Liquinta Inn South the Airport in ATL for 2 nights while attending a huge biker event.

It is run (franchised by) Indians or Pakistanis and from stays in hotels operated or owned by people, I find their standards of cleanliness would not pass health codes in our country, at least in every case I encountered.

In addition, the lobbies often smell like Indian cooking, a cloying, spicey smell that I find distasteful.

Reply My wife, dogs, and I have stayed at many hotels, including La Quintas in Texas, Kansas, Washington, Nebraska, and Montana. Your Inn in Spokane, however, still maintains a reasonable standard of cleanliness, the employees are attentive, polite, and professional.

The Inn at Lincoln, Nebraska, is just the opposite.

While enroute, we received a phone call from the inn saying that one of our dogs had chewed the vertical back of the chair about half way up. One dog is 14 years old, has never chewed furniture, and has worn front teeth.

The other, a younger dog, has had all her lower front teeth pulled, including one canine.

The pictures on their website was not how the hotel looked upon arrival, in fact we were woke up at 630 in the morning both morning’s to construction workers beating and banging.

Secondly due to 5 rooms under one name and the hotel supposedly having a complaint about one room all 5 rooms were asked to leave without the hotel giving a warning that they were to loud, instead they call the police and ask all 5 rooms to check out without a refund.

Corners are often cut by these people to the detriment of their customers.

Their observed goal seems to be to acquire the property, milk it for every penny they can, and when the “cow” goes dry, sell it off or walk away.

Recently, though in Kalispell, MT, we stayed for several days at your Inn. Both of our boxers are house broken, well behaved, and neither are chewers of anything except food and in the case of the male, an occasional stuffed toy.