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Kaki king dating tegan and sara

I really wanted them to be memorable.” That shift in focus towards melodies and less technical display was a choice move, and one that may bring her the acclaim she deserves. I liked her debut a lot better (I wrote a review for it, hint hint), but this had good tracks. And I still need to see her live, I'd love to see her with John Butler. This is an exceptional artist that has been under the Sputnik radar for far too long.

Lacking a bit as a lyricist, the music saves her where other artists would drown in their lyrics; “2 O’Clock” reads as an average pop song, but the melodies, guitarwork, and even her syllables make it so much more then that.

Then there are the instrumental tracks like “Montreal” and “Sad American”.

These are the standouts for me because of how refreshing they are.

Having toured with the likes of John Butler and Tegan & Sara, her popularity is increasing.