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How to write adult chat

Even small talk about what's for dinner can keep your relationship strong and comfortable. If you feel your relationship with your parents is strained, try easing into conversations. Talk about how well your little sister is doing in math.

If I feel I’m going too far with a story, I’ll rein myself in.

If I write something that I would feel uncomfortable reading out live to a group of teens, I go back and re-write.

JONATHAN MABERRY: Do spooky stories still give you the same jolt as they did when you were a kid?

DARREN SHAN: I still enjoy a good horror tale, but I don’t relish them quite as much as I once did, as they make me wince too much.

His award-winning teen novel, ROT & RUIN, is now in development for film.

He is the editor of V-WARS, an award-winning vampire anthology.

JONATHAN MABERRY: Horror fiction has been around for a long time. DARREN SHAN: I think horror stories probably played a key role in our evolution towards the thinking, imaginative, creative beings that we are today. DARREN SHAN: My guess is that mankind’s first literary stirrings came on long, dark, cold nights, when humans who knew little of the world sheltered from the dangerous darkness and started wondering about the source of all the noises they could hear.