Start Dougie poynter dating now

Dougie poynter dating now

But then, just a few months later, he went into the jungle.

Ellie Goulding shot onto the scene at a meteoric pace.

Well, okay, she started playing the clarinet at age nine and didn’t hit the mainstream music scene until she was 24. “My life has become a lot crazier in the last year,” Ellie told in 2015.

"This song, we had so much fun writing it, it just comes back to that basic thing of having that person just constantly stuck in our heads," she explained.

Remember when Ed Sheeran released 'Don't', the song allegedly about that time Ellie cheated on Ed with One Direction's Niall Horan when they were all staying in the same hotel?

He went from Essex playboy to reality TV sweetheart in just a few weeks.

In fact, we loved him so much he finished up in second place, losing out only to BFF Dougie. The public ended up developing a serious soft spot for the socialite, which helped cement her TV career. As the oldest celebrity that year, he was an underdog, and nobody expected him to nail the Bushtucker Trials the way that he did.

But hats off to Helen for giving it a go – most of the time, anyway.3.

Gemma Collins, 2014The GC is near the top of our list for all the wrong reasons.

We might not have bought the CD at the time, but we still remember the tune. Everyone got along, there was no conflict, no drama and every Bushtucker Trial was passed with ease.

The only camper that made the show remotely entertaining was eccentric Martin, which is why he makes our list.

Ellie first recorded music while a college student in Canterbury in the UK.