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It would have continued to say much the same things, only with new syntax. The original Java Script Allongé was not just written to teach Java Script: It was written to describe certain ideas in programming: Working with small, independent entities that compose together to make bigger programs. As noted above, Java Script was chosen as the language for Allongé because it hit a sweet spot of having a large audience of programmers and having certain language features that happen to work well with this style of programming.

Prior to ECMAScript 2015, Java Script did not support block-structuring, so programmers borrowed a trick from the Scheme programming language, and would write: To create the same scoping with an Immediately Invoked Function Expression, or “IIFE.” Likewise, many programming languages permit functions to have a variable number of arguments, and to collect the arguments into a single variable as an array.

It also provides recipes for using functions to write software that is simpler, cleaner, and less complicated than alternative approaches that are object-centric or code-centric.

Java Script idioms like function combinators and decorators leverage Java Script’s power to make code easier to read, modify, debug and refactor.

Some complain that the long pull is more bitter and detracts from the best character of the coffee, others feel it releases even more complexity.