Start Dating old iron keys

Dating old iron keys

German Wehrmacht key TKP "Maus" ("Taste Klein Presstoff), a small bakelite key from 1944.

The cable would be connected with the centre, and the battery and galvanometer to the other two. German "klopfertaste", M.99 for German RTV and railways, built by Hartmann & Braun, Frankfurt a.

Serial number 19612 accordning to embossing (see picture above at the right).

These registers were designated "VLAK" in the Finnish army. The "Rolls-Royce" of manual keys: an Italian Begali Camelback, serial no.

Predecessor to Lindholm & Wikström and LM Ericsson keys, invented by Anton Henric Öller, who had a workshop in Stockholm for making "Telegraph equipment".