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That is why today Norfolk Naval Shipyard's ability to repair and overhaul ships with speed and efficiency has earned it numerous awards and the reputation of being the nation's number one shipyard. The USS Chesapeake was built at Gosport Navy Yard, now Norfolk Naval Shipyard, between December 1798 and December 1799.

When the American Revolution began in 1775, Sprowle chose to remain loyal to the Crown and fled the area aboard the Royal Governor's flagship.

All his properties were confiscated by the Colony of Virginia.

While being operated by Virginia, in 1779, the shipyard was burned by the British.

This former colonial shipyard became the Navy's nucleus in the Hampton Roads area where the largest naval base in the world has developed.

The CHESAPEAKE was attacked by the British LEOPARD off Cape Henry in 1807 which affair led to the duel between Commodores James Barron and Stephen Decatur, and was one of the causes leading to the War of 1812.

She was captured off Boston, 1 June 1813, by the British frigate SHANNON, on which occasion her commander, Capt.

USS Skate was decommissioned at Pearl Harbor in the summer of 1986 after 29 years of naval service. The CSS VIRGINIA was constructed from the partly burned U. It was lost in the South West Pacific 12 September 1944.

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