Start Dating an hiv positive guy

Dating an hiv positive guy

I was told I'd die in four or five years' time, but the worst part was being told I could never have children or a partner, which upset me more than having any disease.

I'm still working full time and teaching several fitness classes in the evenings and weekends, as well as cycling and running whenever I can, so couldn't be better. Arne Vidar Røed, from Norway, who was a sailor and truck driver, is thought to have contracted HIV in Cameroon in the early Sixties. Health officials realise there is a disease sweeping the gay community.

I wouldn't say I was relaxed about the prospect, but I really wasn't in a bad way.

I went to my GP for a test and a month later got the news that I was indeed HIV-positive.

I just knew I was lucky to be diagnosed so quickly after infection, meaning any treatment would be more effective.