Start Dating a female vampire

Dating a female vampire

Violet inquires as to if Jessica is alright, but Tara retains her threatening stance and says Jessica is fine. After being discovered by Sarah Newlin, Jason is subjected to a nasty gash on his arm by a fellow camp guard, and is thrown into female Gen Pop One.

In return for his company, Violet showed great loyalty to his friends; examples including accepting Sookie as her own sister and displaying legitimate concern for her feelings and welfare, willfully making herself an ally to Bill, Andy and Eric, and offering to escort Sam and Nicole home safely at night.

Because of her advanced age, Violet was very adept at controlling herself and her impulses.

She was also known for her extreme jealousy, which manifested when she mistook Sookie as a girlfriend of Jason's, and displayed great hatred for Jessica, for whom she was aware had a sexual history with Jason.

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