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Kanzenshuu can seem elitist, and the fact that it's exclusively a DB forum is the reason to this. Members tried to pursued Vegetto EX to open other discussions, but he refused. Other than So J's and High Runes for Runewords These items were rare because patch 1.08 was the initial patch that came with Diablo II: Lord of Destruction back in 2001. It's the "Azurewrath Crystal Sword" in the image below...

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What really peeves me is the customer support at 7/11. My family members want to play, but i really don't want them on my account. 영정 같은걸 당해본적도 없어서 머리속이 하얘 지네요 제가 핵을 사용하지 않았다는 증거도 없어서 뭘 어떻게 해야될지 모르겠는데 혹시 허위 신고가 아닐까 생각도 듭니다.. 화가 치밀어 오르네요 어떻게 해야할지도 모르겠고 영상 자료같은것도 없고 제 전적도 갑자기 확올라가서 무조건 제가 불리한 상황인데요.... I would like to post this on the forums because I didn't know how else to do it but this is Mister Hawks, Seidess and what you did for me put aside some worry. 저는 핵 자에 ㅎ자도 써본적이없는유저고, 너무억울합니다 이걸보시면 바로 해결해주시기 부탁드리며, 너무 황당스럽고 어이가없어서 의견을 보냅니다.. First one is that I can't connect to Diablo 2 Lo D Europe Realm for more than 10 days already. I can tell accounts real name, battle tag, location. I hate having the name of someone that hacked and stole my account, is there any possibility of returning to my old battletag or having a free change? PD: if this is not the place where i should place the problem, please tell me where.

That still does'nt really make sense to me but whatever. Blizzard needs to either come up with solutions to these idiopathic issues or they need to stop conducting business with 7/11 and any other third party retailer with such horrible business policy. It seems unfair to me that we have to download multiple copies of the game on the same computer. Hello my problem is that my account was hacked recently but thank to the support i was able to get it back, the problem is that this Swarley person who stole my account used the free battletag change to change(duh) my previous name.

Nie jestem angielskim kaleką językowym, grałem po angielsku w bardzo wiele różnych gier.