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Cerebral palsy dating

The information I presented in my seminar was, for the most part, biblically accurate (I say for the most part because there were areas in my theology that were loose and areas in which I had no real conviction but do now).

I began to again have an interest in Scripture but, in hindsight, even that was superficial. I went to seminary, earned two degrees, and wrote my thesis on the Word-Faith movement.

My interest in it was largely based on my experiences with the faith healers back in high school. Then, in 2004, I began doing the seminars I’m doing now.

This is what began my interest in the Word-Faith movement.

This should have been a warning sign in and of itself for a couple of reasons.

I thought, ‘Well, I must be saved – look at how God is blessing my ministry.’ The truth is, He was blessing the ministry; but not because of me, in spite of me.

God was blessing the ministry because I happened to be teaching the truth.

I grieved primarily because I saw the poor and the desperate and the sick being abused and exploited.