Start Bucks press dating

Bucks press dating

“They (the Bucks) are a pretty good team,’’ said a veteran NBA advanced scout, who saw the Bucks up close and personal in recent weeks.

And Teletovic, who was brought to Milwaukee to be a floor spacer, connected on a subpar 34 percent of his treys – again well below the 39 percent he shot the season before with the Suns.

Feigin said this summer that "there's a good expectation that we'll do something special with the court."Bucks forward Jabari Parker, who was on hand for Tuesday's announcement but won't participate in the game on Oct.

26 as he continues his rehabilitation from a torn left ACL, is among the many who are interested to see if and how the Bucks resurrect the iconic MECCA floor."It'll bring more significance if they brought that court back because that design is something else, it stands out," Parker said, referring to the colorful 1977 Robert Indiana creation."That court was something special.

The throwback game, part of the Bucks' 50th-anniversary celebration, will be scheduled for 7 p.m. "This really takes us back to when Marc (Lasry) and Wes (Edens) and Jamie (Dinan) bought the team and their original comment of ‘we are stewards of this brand, stewards of the team, the deep heritage this team has and how we have a responsibility and a commitment and accountability to really nurture this team as a piece of Milwaukee and a piece of Wisconsin.’ "Jon Mc Glocklin, "The Original Buck" who scored the team's first basket in 1968 and remains with the franchise as a broadcaster, made the announcement after spending some time sharing memories of his early days with the Bucks.

He said the nervous, excited feeling he used to get when walking into the building for games remains with him to this day, surfacing again as he walked into the arena Tuesday morning."This was a great building for us; we had a lot of success here as you know," Mc Glocklin said, noting the team's 582-209 home record in 20 seasons playing at the MECCA.

From 1968 to 1988, the Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics met at the MECCA 48 times during the regular season, with the Bucks winning 30 of those games.

On Tuesday morning at what is now called the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena, the Bucks announced the two franchises will add a 49th encounter at the old arena. “We’ve kind of been excited for this ever since this summer when we announced that we were going to have a historic game," Bucks President Peter Feigin said.

Hammond/Kidd’s search for a shooter also included the free-agent signing of Teletovic in the summer of 2016.