Start Bi racial lesbian dating sites

Bi racial lesbian dating sites

Transracial adoptees need allies who have got their back, who are on their side, who will roll with them when the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan.

After seeing the heartbreak their parents went through, or the tribulations their siblings of color experienced, these non-adopted siblings had a much less favorable opinion of transracial adoption.

As a gay parent, it goes without saying that I am all for equality.

At the same time, as an anti-racism advocate with a long-standing interest in and commitment to ensuring the rights and welfare of children of color, I am very concerned that the issues of race in adoption may be overlooked and overshadowed in the rush to increase LGBT legitimacy and visibility.

Note: The people in the banner photo above are not necessarily “queer parents.” They are all (except for one non-adopted ally) adult adoptees of color who came together at the ASAC Conference in Boston.