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You see, while I was a virgin on our wedding night, I knew I would love sex because of the way I felt about it prior to that wonderful night.

He has been collecting them ever since he went into the service, so here at the apartment he has this footlocker crammed packed with them.

Since I just sit here doing nothing, I began reading them and they all are very explicit in their story lines.

I saw one in a shoe store, so I filled out an application.

No matter if he has been gone just a few hours or several days.

However, we both agreed that the money was not as important as my getting out and keeping sane.

After Bobby left for work I looked in the paper and did not see any job that looked interesting enough to me to go apply for, so I decided to take the bus downtown and walk around to see if there were any “help wanted” signs.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I am no prude, I was just good at keeping my virginity intact.